4th International Young Skål Symposium brought young professionals of world tourism together in Anka

After two years of preparation; Young Skål members met in Ankara, sponsored by Skål International Ankara and hosted by Young Skål Ankara members. Previous symposiums were held in Gerona, Spain (2013), Bucharest, Romania (2014) and Rome, Italy (2015).

After the diplomatic ceremony at Atatürk's Mausoleum and the visit to the War of Independence Museum, President Sadik Altiparmak stated, during the opening at the Rixos Grand Ankara, that he was proud of bringing the international symposium to Ankara during difficult times for tourism. He also stated that he and his board will always support the activities of the young Skål members. The speakers were Skal International 2015 President Salih Cene, Ankara Culture and Tourism Director Dogan Acar and Young Skål members Erhan Us and Can Gursoy. During the sessions of the symposium, education consultant Pelin Erzin held a conference about the conflicts of X and Y generations faced in the sector. Erzin also mentioned the perception differences between generations and she suggested solutions to these conflicts.

During the symposium, the coordination of Young Skål members, their influence on the sector, young professional’s existence in non-government organisations and budget problems were discussed, Young Skål Vancouver member, Altan Demirkaya, proposed hosting the 6th International Young Skål Symposium in Vancouver in 2018 and presented the opportunities and sponsorships. Vancouver was approved by all Young Skålleagues and it also received the full support of Audrius Valiulis, a Young Skål member in Toronto. The symposium continued with a panoramic tour of Ankara and symposium participants had the opportunity to visit historic districts such as Atatürk Orman Ciftligi, Ankara Citadel, Ulucanlar Prison Museum and Samanpazari. The participants also had the opportunity to see the modern side of Ankara and its night life. Finally, Ankara Travel Expo welcomed the participants to the ATO Congresium.

Certificates and gifts were presented to all Skålleagues by Skal International President 2015 Salih Cene, International Skål Council Senior Vice President, Kamer Rodoplu, Skal International Turkey President Can Aksit, Skål International Turkey Vice President, Faik Alsac, Skål International Turkey Treasurer Savas Colakoglu, Skål International Troy President Dilek Mildon, Skål International Kusadasi President Ridvan Kavi, Skål International Marmara President Murat Yumak, Skål International Cukurova President Burak Hosta and Skål International Ankara founder member Tekin Ertan at the end of the symposium.

Ankara Young Skålleague Can Gürsoy said that the events were a milestone for Ankara tourism and presented plaques for their great contribution during the organisation process to Skål International Ankara President Sadik Altiparmak and board members.

Some of the important decisions made during the symposium were:

  • All Clubs should have Young Skål members.

  • Committees (as the Young Skål 2020 or social media committee) should be created and follow the necessary arrangements, by Young Skål members.

  • Budget problems should be supported and solved by the Clubs; especially when organising events and attending Young Skål/Skål International symposiums/congresses.

  • An international CV system should be available on the Skål International website and Skål International members should promote Young Skål members to work with them as a priority.

  • The model written by Young Skål Turkey should be applied worldwide to increase the visibility of Young Skål, improve communications via the organisational chart (Young Skål Board including the President, Vice President and Secretary) who are responsible for Young Skål President in each country. (Guidelines will be sent shortly).

  • Social activities, career and personal development and budget creating events must be organised in coordination with Clubs.

  • Young Skål Vancouver is going to host the symposium to be held in 2018.

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