Skål International Garden Route - Young Skål in our club

Currently, we have 10 vibrant, active Young Skål members in our club 56 members in total. Garden Route is a unique club in many ways: - our club is not bound to town, but a tourism route namely the Garden Route (including Route 62). We have now members in 14 towns along this route. We travel up to a 1000 kilometres to attend a monthly meeting. It is a joy and a privilege to experience our beautiful route in the same way visitors would. This is a monthly reminder of how blessed we are to live and do business in this amazing part of the world.

We started off with one Young Skål member three years ago. Immediately, we realized the value of youth, particularly with regards to communication technology. He was co-opted on our committee and Web master and played an integral role in developing a network platform for all our South African clubs in the web. Says Rohan Minnaar, YS and SIGR’s web master:

“I was one of the first young Skålleaugues for SIGR. Niel Els, president of the club at that stage, invited me to one of the famous Skål Luncheons. At that stage I just arrived back in South Africa and started my own Project and event business. With no database, no potential clients, just the dream to get my own ball rolling. After the first lunch I was hooked on the idea of social networking. Not saying that the vibrant character of the club, food or wine had any influence on my decision to join, but the guidance and the open doors of the members of the club played a big roll too.

I am currently with SIGR for 3 years now, my business changed, I walked different roads than planned, but the members in the club is like family now. I have networked with other clubs in South Africa and even abroad. Not just always business, sometime just to have a good chat.

Our club has grown from strength to strength, membership has increased and the networking and business is more fun than ever. This is the result of people having passion for the business and synergy.

I am not the traditional type of business guy, I rather like pushing the boundaries and trying out new things and Skål has been there all the way. From young to old (some very old in age, but with that comes wisdom and mad skills).

It has and still is an honour to be part of Skål International and pretty keen to see what is behind the next door or challenge.”

As mentioned – SIGR is a unique club ad our YS members prefer to join us at our monthly meetings instead of having their own events. The reasoning:

  • Members are all from different towns which can cause logistic challenges

  • Mentorship – these young people acknowledge the wealth of experience and wisdom for Blue Skål.

  • Building a network of friends within Skål is their number one goal – and the sooner you start, the better. Connecting with Blue Skål members on a monthly basis proves to be of great value to these youngsters and their employers also recognized this value.

  • Skål Garden Route’s network lunches always provides added value to the membership. It is highly entertaining to both young and old. (Age in our club is relative…) From adrenaline filled activities such as sky diving or shark cage diving, to wine tastings by the top South African winemakers, the monthly events find agreement with bother young and old.

  • Social media proves to be the ideal way to communicate and inform – Facebook and also on Twitter @Skal_Gr

The last word belongs to (as you could imagine…) one of our female Young Skalleagues, Elfrida Fivaz:

“As a young adult starting a career in hospitality, joining a Skål International club was one of the best choices I could have made to meet people in the industry, network with decision makers and/or business owners and see & experience different areas and establishments.

Almost 4 years later, I have been part of 2 different clubs, made a bunch of new friends, my company has benefited and I have the opportunity to learn from our older members from their experience and knowledge that they are so willing to pass on to us.”- Elfrida Fivaz – Sales Manager: HS&V Hospitality Management

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